I’m back!

It’s been a year. Wow – that’s embarrassing. It’s taken me about half an hour to get to this stage. I firstly forgot my username, then my password – and once I had actually logged into WordPress, I realised the whole flippin’ layout had changed. Software update. Technology, eh?

Anyway, I took a bit of a break from my 1940s blog as you may have noticed. It wasn’t planned or anything, I guess I just ran out of things to say. I’m not a diehard fan (which seems a bit ridiculous as I have decided to create a blog around the subject), but more of a casual ‘enjoyer of the era’. I’m quite the novice though, so as much as i’m working on getting up to speed on Billie Holiday’s back catalogue, I wouldn’t admit to being even a little bit there…yet.

Anyway, on to the 40s…

I purchased this mega album a few months back on a bit of a whim.


It was a bit of a steal on ITunes and I listen to it all the time. I don’t really know a lot of the songs, aside from the really famous ‘Run Rabbit Run’-type classics, however i’ve been working my way through the 100 songs (100!) and have found a couple of new favourites.

It’s weird actually. Earlier this year I went on holiday to South East Asia (this is a casual name drop. It sounds a bit braggy, which wasn’t actually my original intention). Listening to “Boogie Woogie Buggle Boy” by the Andrews Sisters on a sleeper bus up the East coast of Vietnam was one of the most surreal experiences i’ve ever had though!

Anywho, that’s by the by. This is my ‘new’ favourite 1940s song – which I knew before buying the album, although to be fair, I had never seen the video before.


Here’s to more consistent posting!