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After reading in the newspaper that the wonderful Kirk Douglas has now reached he ripe old age of 95, it got me musing about some other Hollywood stars from the Golden Age who are very much alive and kicking in 2012.

Upon the death of Elizabeth Taylor, one of Hollywood’s true class acts, it got many people thinking (at least among my friends and family) that this was the end of the traditional Hollywood we all loved, cherished and admired.

Thankfully – and upon investigation – this doesn’t appear to be the case, and to prove it, here’s a bit of a compiled list I have come up with.

Please note: this list isn’t completely comprehensive. As much as I love and appreciate the 1940s, i’m not 100% aware of every star to have ever graced the silver screen, hence – they’re only on my list if I know them (not personally obviously!) and their work.

Also, I know there is much debate about what IS the Golden Age, as the Americans say, this is just my ‘two cents’ and my opinion only…f I like ’em – they’re going in!

So here goes [in no particular order]…


Kirk Douglas (age 95) best known for Spartacus, his cleft chin and steely gaze.


Doris Day (age 88) the original ‘girl next door’.


Olivia de Havilland (age 96) a smouldering partnership with Errol Flynn and rivalry with her real-life sister didn’t hurt Olivia’s chances of fame and fortune.


Joan Fontaine (age 94) apparently still disagreeing with sister Olivia, even through the pair are in their nineties, Joan won numerous academy awards and was well known for her romantic melodramas, on and off screen.


Mickey Rooney (age 92) cheeky chappie and was once quoted as saying: “Always get married early in the morning, that way if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t wasted a whole day.”


Debbie Reynolds (age 80) “and what a lovely mornin'” – need I say more?


Deanna Durbin (age 90) beautiful voice, beautiful face, sweet personality.


Margaret o’ Brien (age 75) the child star with talent and class beyond her years. If you don’t immediately recognise her, cast your mind back to ‘Meet Me in St Louis’ (1944) and ‘Little Women’ (1949).


Lauren Bacall (age 88) will go down in history for her husky voice, sultry looks and marriage to Humphrey Bogart.


Thanks for reading🙂