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A few months ago a found an article in the Daily Mail (I know, I know…it hurt me too), which revolved around a gentleman who had dedicated his life to the 1940s.

Now, it has been discovered that there is in fact a Mr Thirties too, whose semi-detached house in Yorkshire has become a hotbed of pre-war activity. And by activity, I mean activity.

What originally started out as a bit of a hobby has in fact escalated. Now his entire house has become a live-in museum complete with working wireless, mangle and state-of-the-art (back in’t day) telephone.

Check it out

My favorite quote: “I’m really a time traveller who lost his way. But I’m 45, so it’s too late to change now! I just love the era, it was a much simpler time.”

Now, being posted on the Daily Mail, Michael McTigue – the 30s enthusiast, received the usual tirade of abuse, however I happen to think he should be commended for his achievement and I for one, would love to be his next door neighbour and dinner-party guest!

To read the coverage in full, click here.

P.s, i’ve started to do my posts in non-italics, as of now. I quite like it. Change – it’s upon us!