So i’m slightly concerned that I have been a tad neglectful of this blog as of late and I assure you it’s not because I am becoming any less interested in the 1940s. Quite the opposite actually, but sadly real life appears to get in the way of my fantasy world on the home front with Gene and Judy.

Anyway, I thought i’d share a bit of music with you, realising I hadn’t done so for quite some time. Taking a bit of a step back from my usual all-singing, all-dancing musical numbers, i’ve decided to slow the old pace down a tad. This may be because I have had a beer – who knows, but tonight is the night for a bit of Billie Holiday.

There was once a line in the wonderful film ‘Angela’s Ashes’ (one of my favourites) where Frank McCourt said: “Oh Billie, Billie, Billie. I want to be in America with you, where everyone has white teeth and plenty to eat.” Back when the film came out in the late 1990s, I was just a wee nipper, but Frank’s statement stayed with me and as such, I decided to have a bit of an investigate into the wonderful world of Billie Holiday, the beautiful jazz singer from Philadelphia.

I am going to look into the tragic yet fascinating life of Billie tomorrow (set the morning aside for it infact!) However, I thought I would wet your appetites somewhat, by posting this song for you. (Also used in the soundtrack for ‘The Notebook’ apparently!)

Enjoy – how could you not!?