Before I come on to the wonderfulness (almost-definitely not a word), that was Twinwood Festival, I thought i’d share with you something I discovered purely by accident one summers day (last Saturday).

As I have just moved flat (major stress obviously ensued), I decided I needed a new coffee table – as all obsessive tea drinkers do from time to time. Upon this decision, my boyfriend and I had a little change of heart at the last minute and decided to sway unconventionally towards a coffee table of the 1920s trunk variety.


You like!?

Of course, it’s original intended purpose was not to be as a resting spot for mugs, however, it suits us very nicely AND as an added bonus comes with some miraculous and rather endearing history. From what we can deduce from the original markings on the outside of the trunk, it belonged to a Major Russ who was travelling to Egypt between 1910 and 1920. Fascinating eh?

After opening the trunk we also discovered another little surprise: a newspaper inside dating back to 1951. Have a look…

(Particularly enjoying the pictures of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth and the advertisement of Butlins holidays. Wonderful!