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Horrendously excited about this one…

I don’t know whether this is common knowledge or not (it certainly wasn’t to me anyway), but there is a dedicated 1940s radio station – offering listeners hit after hit of wartime, home front goodness…

For Back In’t Day this is as big as my one-and-a-half week birthday – perhaps even bigger! Unbelievable. I only Googled ‘1940s’ too – what other surprises can internet search engines come up with, I wonder!?

Anyway – i’m a bit of a novice where this station is concerned, so I think it best to let the experts speak for themselves. Here’s what the website: www.1940sukradio.co.uk has to say…

“The UK’s 1940s Radio Station  recreates the sounds of the 1940s as heard in England and from America. We are proud to have  been the first UK-based internet radio station to provide the level of original archive broadcast programmes  along with our home produced music, news and documentaries programmes. We welcome stories handed down or experienced first hand of life through the 1940s from all countries.  We also would like to state that above all our aim is to promote the music that was about in the 1920s through to the 1940s and although the world witnessed the tragedy of two world wars in the last century it saddens me that humanity still seems not to have learned from the futile human sacrifice of war and certain people still think that those dark days of war were days of joy.”

As i’m writing this i’ve listened to Louis Armstrong, the Anderson Sisters and Vera Lynn – and from what I can deduce, for a lot of the time a music playlist is scheduled, with intermittent shows from various vintage enthusiasts. 

P.s, as is common with more niche stations, the 1940s radio station are looking for donations to keep them afloat. Unfortunately, I don’t have a show – but as an enthusiastic bystander i’m sure I can spare a few pennies *nudge nudge, hint hint, wink wink* !!

Enjoy! (I really, really mean that!)