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A few of you may be surprised to see a non-related Olympic post on the night of the opening ceremony in Stratford, London, but i’m a maverick. A rebel. An anarchist. (It’s not started yet anyway.)

Thought I would talk tonight a little bit about my recent and rather obsessive Fred and Ginger interest (‘interest’ always sounds so much nicer than ‘obsession’, don’t you think?)


After visiting the wonderful Eltham palace in Kent last week and taking in the wonderful 1930s art deco atmosphere, I immediately went home and watched the classic ‘Top Hat’ to round off my evening nicely. 

Last weekend I also bought a brilliant Fred Astaire boxset for a tiny £8. Bargain. Still to watch, I have: ‘Swing Time’, ‘You Will Never Get Rich’ and ‘You Were Never Lovelier’ with the beautiful Rita Hayworth starring alongside the lovely Fred Astaire.

Anyway, whether you have an interest in dance, motion picture, the classics or not, almost everyone has heard of Fred and Ginger, such is the magic of their captivating routines. In the 1930s, the couple ruled the dancefloor, and appeared in no less than nine films together up until 1949. 

I will be delving into more Fred and Ginger details as the weeks go by, but thought it was unfair to do all this waffling without a little sneak peek.

Here they are dancing to the song ‘Pick Yourself Up’ from the 1936 movie, Swing Time.

See you soon🙂