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After many, many consecutive weekends wandering around England like a pair of homeless bats, my boyfriend and I were both pleased and grateful to spend our Saturday soaking up a bit of good, old-fashioned culture. (Old-fashioned being the operative word.)

So, in light of this new-found London freedom, we spent the afternoon at the London Toy Museum (also known as Pollock’s Toy Museum, named after Benjamin Pollock – inventor and creator of toys around the turn of the century.)


Now, before visiting I had read many reviews that described the museum as ‘crowded’, ‘eerie’ and ‘outdated’ and turns out – all true. Totally true. Probably why I absolutely and completely LOVED IT.

Offering collections of puppet theatres, parlour games, comics and teddy bears, the museum is situated in what appears to be an old Georgian terrace (don’t quote me on the period…get a bit mixed up if the era is pre-war!) The setting adds to the charm and whilst being full of bits and bobs dating from around the 1830s to the 1980s, the sheer array of…stuff (to want for a better word), is all the more interesting and engaging when arranged in such a higgledy piggledy fashion!

Collections included (as far as I can remember): American toys, traditional and folk, Edwardian table games, Weapons, World War One and Two (my favourites – obviously), board games, theatres, wax dolls, boy toys, doll houses and traditional Russian and Polish entertainment. PHEW!

Anyway, I could go on about various Beano and Dandy comics all day, as much as I could witter on about Meccano sets and rocking horses, but the pictures should speak for themselves fairly well. (Everyone prefers pictures I assume. You’re probably not even reading this….are you?) 

Remember if you’re in the area and fancy a browse, check out the undeniably freaky dolls. Have no idea how children looked to some of these as a source of comfort – to be honest, (rather guiltily) I find them horrendously unnerving!

By the way…just discovered (upon some delightful Google research) the shop is now run by the grandson of Mr Pollock – how lovely!

P.s, I think I say this every time – but sorry once again for the poor quality photographs…this time i’m blaming the glass casing and the sun!