I’m back!

Miss me? (If you didn’t notice i’d gone anywhere, just smile and nod…smile and nod.)

Thought i’d fill everyone in on my Latitude adventures, and even though it isn’t strictly 1940s based I am fully aware my last few posts have been reasonably morbid…So to cheer things up, thought i’d fill everyone in on how muddy I got…Actually it wasn’t as bad as the weather weeks before had scared me into believing, however my trusty £20 waterproof (cheapest I could find in the whole of London) did protect me from the odd bout of drenched-torso.


Anyway, one of the reasons why I love Latitude Festival so much is the fact that it is so unashamedly lovely. It’s nice, it’s polite and it’s exceptionally twee (tea dances, knitting tent, poetry reading etc) and naturally – as was the same the year before, the biggest queue consistently appeared to be the halloumi and chorizo stand as opposed to the budget beer/cider bars.

This year, headlining musically were Bon Iver, Paul Weller and Elbow. Of course, they didn’t fail to impress, but as many would agree, it’s often the smaller indie artists on tucked away stages who provide you with the most enjoyment. This year, my group and I particularly enjoyed Fiona Bevan – a singer/songwriter with a wonderful range who sang cute, edgy melodies and the Black Twig Pickers, a folksy trio from Virginia who partook in a bit of banjo, washboard and fiddlestick playing.

Aside from her recent bout of bad press, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Lana Del Rey, who, although admittedly set a rather terrible example lighting a cigarette on stage, was quite magical and captivating singing ‘Blue Jeans’ and the amazing ‘Video Games’ hauntingly in what was essentially a circus big top.

As is usual with Latitude Festival, music isn’t everything. In fact it’s a very small part of what makes the occasion so wonderful: the comedy, literature, poetry and theatre was thoroughly enjoyable and naturally the little surprises that pop out from the wee nooks and crannies of various forests really make you feel as though a tremendous amount of effort has been put in for each and every person’s individual tastes.

Other highlights for me included:

  • Elbow’s miraculous firework display
  • Clay sculpture making (hence the pig photograph below)
  • South American/Nepalese shopping tents/stalls
  • Watching ballet on the Waterfront Stage
  • Helping save the Arctic (Greenpeace nabbed me and I succumbed)
  • Hearing ‘My Mother’s Vagina’ being sung next to a sand sculpture of Bender from Futurama
  • Laura Marling trying her best (and almost succeeding) to make her voice heard in front of 6,000 screaming fans
  • Multicoloured sheep
  • My boyfriend getting physically stuck in a pile of knee-deep mud on the way to bed
  • Hearing one particularly middle-class teenager cry hysterically: “Oh my gosh yah, I have completely misplaced my teapot!”
  • Partaking in a big of Swing Dancing, led by the wonderful Swing Patrol

For a more condensed, self-explanatory version of the above…words, please take a look at these rather poor-quality photographs I am vaguely admitting to taking…