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A lovely morbid title for everyone to have a nosey at this Wednesday afternoon.

After reading up on some of Hollywood’s most famous and finest, I came across a few actors and actresses who in my mind, disappeared into thin air. Now, as I am sure people are aware, many of the Hollywood greats died in tragic and often inexplicable circumstances. Sometimes these events were drink and drug related, many were involved in horrendous accidents and occasionally some took their lives themselves unable to cope with the path fame and fortune had taken them down.

Last Christmas, my sister Olivia bought me a wonderful present: ‘the Hollywood book of death’, (available of Amazon if anyone’s interested.) Of course, I was overjoyed. Love old Hollywood. Love mysterious, intriguing and often inexplicable deaths. (Not in a sadistic serial-killer way…although now i’ve tried to explain myself i’ve probably dug the hole…)

As is perhaps obvious, the usual suspects are included: Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Grace Kelly, etc as well as a few curve balls I wasn’t expecting and often didn’t realise had passed away at all. 

The other day, after writing a blog post about Doris Day, I started thinking: “How many people actually realise Doris is still alive?” Sometimes after years in the spotlight, many stars simply fade away, some die alone, unnoticed and some right at the other end of the scale are photographed in death, the conspiracy theorists rife with ideas far more elaborate than any you would find on the set of a 1940s MGM movie…

I have decided to focus on a few of these more unusual, intriguing deaths and have concocted a bit of a seven-day series: a day a death.

I’ll start this min-series tomorrow and unfortunately will have to stray away from the 1940s path ever-so-slightly – never fear though – I am sticking well within the remit of what is acceptable. No Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson, i’m still back in’t day!

Day One – a bumper edition. The cast of Rebel Without A Cause.