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I have done a bad thing. A very bad thing.

After quite a difficult month finance-wise (weddings, birthdays, a mid-month job-change etc) I am feeling slightly pesant-like in the banking department, although this as usual, has never stopped me where the world of vintage is concerned. (Quite irresponsible – impressionable children please do not take note…)

My most recent purchase ticket-wise has been for this little beauty: the Retro Festival 2012, held in Berkshire on the 10, 11 and 12th of August.

In its own words, the event describes itself as:

“…the ultimate pre-66 festival of 2012…”

“A MONSTER line up of bands playing Vintage, Rock n Roll, 60’s soul, swing, jive and jazz, hundreds of classic and vintage autos, planes, military, caravans, scooters and bikes, huge vintage shopping village, auto jumble, auto displays, family day, camping and glamping, great food and bars, live roller derby, Demon Drome wall of death and so much more.”

Sounds good, eh?

After perusing Twitter (unbelievable for up-to-date vintage news, ironically) I saw, searched and purchased immediately and have since decided to live-Tweet and blog from the festival as it happens. Of course, I will be covering many of the individual events in full later on (i’m going on Saturday, so that’s what Sunday is for), so if you’re at the festival and think you’re worth a mention, please do let me know.

Anyway, after much lunch-hour research I have decided Retro Fest is definitely worth a pre-blog, as well as mentions throughout August. For further information or to purchase some unbelievably reasonably-priced tickets, click here. To follow Retro Festival on Twitter, search @RetroFestivalUK, or leave me a blog comment/Tweet and let me know if you’re attending this, or any other vintage festival throughout the busy summer months.

If i’ve missed ewt, don’t be afraid to give me a nudge!

Cheers :)