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I had a right old vintage knees-up today at the Pop Up Vintage Fair at Islington Town Hall on Upper Street in London.

This was an event I heard about through the magic of social media. Once upon a time (not so very long ago) I was a bit of a Twitter sceptic and avoided the scene for no other reason than I didn’t want to get ‘sucked in’ – obviously I did, and turns out – it’s pretty flippin’ great.

Anyway, through various connections, I heard about the vintage pop up event, and trundled along to try and grab a few retro bargains…and I did just that! One of the great things about these sorts of occasions is that everyone is so very friendly. Of course, those buying and those selling usually have one, if not many things in common: a love of bygone times. This usually creates a feeling of contentment and ease, and I love how everyone is willing to have a chat about the subject you have in common.

Obviously, another wonderful aspect about these pop up events is that you can usually grab a few, individual bargains which cannot be replicated (no matter how hard they try) on the high street. Every piece tells a story and carries with it a slice of history that can be treasured and trusted for years to come.

Whilst browsing, I also picked up a few free vintage magazines which describe the latest goings on in the retro world UK-wide. Let me tell you – there’s quite the assortment of events up and down the country, offering an array of singing, dancing, shopping, reenactments and displays for the old-fashioned enthusiast. My particular favourites were:

I am now going to concoct my own personal mission right here and now: one day, I will write for one of these publications and will do so with joy, love and enthusiasm in my heart! (Honestly, that’s not even an exaggeration – I really will!)

Watch this space!!

The Pop Up Vintage Fair also runs regular events in Hampsted, for more information, follow on Facebook.

Until next time, folks…