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Today I had the most wonderful day. As I have said in the past, I don’t want to make this blog ‘London specific’, but occasionally events happen here that are just too good not to talk about. I think today was one of those days…

Saturday and Sunday, the 23rd and 24th June are this years chosen dates to host West End Live, a two-day event where every single West End show performs on the same stage in Trafalgar Square. Of course, they aren’t all performing together mind (it would have to be a bloody big stage for that to happen), but each play or musical has 10 minutes to showcase their best songs and talent to a very excitable audience.

…did I mention this event was free?

Naturally, the reason I am harping on about West End Live here is the fact that currently London has a wonderful array of classic talent, from Top Hat to Singin’ in the Rain and from Jersey Boys to The Wizard of Oz. 

Unfortunately, due to crowding at Trafalgar Square (and sleeping in on my part), I didn’t manage to take any pictures of Top Hat, on account of not having a good enough view, but I certainly got some other corkers once I got settled. 

Take a look:

Overall, I witnessed magic from over 10 hit musicals, and the event definitely made my weekend (week, month and possibly year.)

For more information visit the West End Live website, or follow the team on Twitter @WestEndLIVE