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I follow the progress of vintage shops, stalls and markets like an eagle-eyed…bird, but occasionally it’s the surprises and the ones that catch you off-guard that really make your day.

Today, on my way to a flat-viewing (above a fishmongers…don’t even go there), I happened upon a wonderful pop-up vintage and craft fair in a pub (of all the wonderful, miraculous places) in Angel, north London. Being a little eager to said flat viewing, I decided to go in for a bit of a gander, and lo and behold, I was greeted with a veritable feast of vintage gits and goodies, plus some new handmade items conjured up from 1940s and 50s fabrics.

Met a lovely Yorkshire girl on one of the stalls whom I bought a beautiful hand-made brooch from. Sadly I didn’t cath her name, otherwise i’d be plugging her like crazy, but she makes them out of vintage fabric in under half an hour apparently – now that’s a skill!

Take a look…(Pictures may be a little blurry, we were trying to snap them on the sly!)

Even better, apparently the event is a monthly occurrence. Will wonders never cease!? Check out the website, here for further details.

Until next time, folks…