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Despite the fact I now live in (and love) London, I will always be a northern girl at heart. Coming from Preston in the North West of England, my family and I had some wonderful days out without having to traipse too far away from home. One of my favourite childhood (and adult) memories of all time (even better than Alton Towers theme park) was my first visit to Haworth in West Yorkshire, a rural village located in the heart of the Pennines; home of the Bronte sisters and setting for a number of classic British films. 

Now, aside from its Bronte connections – which are enough to attract a steady stream of tourists throughout the year, Haworth is well worth the visit even if you haven’t delved into the gothic worlds of Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre. The village is unimaginably picturesque and “quaint” and has a wide and varied selection of independent cafes and trinket shops. 

ALTHOUGH, if you are planning on taking a visit, or indeed are interested in finding out a little more about Howarth, I suggest you do so in time for their fabulous 1940s weekend – an annual event in the village’s calendar. 

Sadly, due to nothing but stupidity, I missed the 2012 event…but I fear not, 2013 promises to be a bumper 40s year and will take place on the 18-19 May.

Now, what is a 1940s weekend, I hear you ask? Well…according to the website, included in the festivities are:

  • A military and vintage vehicle parade
  • Vintage music and swing dancing in the park
  • Vintage bands and singers on the street
  • A procession of evacuees
  • Re-enactment groups
  • Authentic 40s dress
  • A 1940s remembrance service in the church
  • Winston Churchill addressing the crowd (!)

Sounds amazing, yes? One of the reasons why I believe this weekend is so wonderful (amongst many) is that the event aims to raise money for Help for
Heroes. According to the website, the 2012 weekend raised over £12,000 for the charity.

My own personal view is also that because the village is so lovely and unspoilt anyway, the area already has an authentic, old-fashioned feel to it without really trying. The locals are friendly, the atmosphere is bound to be wonderful and if nothing else…(this is scraping the barrel now) I will be there. Have a ‘costume’ (normal, everyday attire) already prepared!

Do let me know if you are planning to go. In the meantime, why not check out the Hawarth 40s weekend website, at www.haworth1940sweekend.co.uk.