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I am unbelievably lucky to live a 30 second walk from this place…

It’s based a two-minute walk from King’s Cross in central London, and although I am going to try hard to make this blog as “non-specifically London” as I can, I just *have* to talk about Drink, Shop & Do – because honestly…it’s amazing. *Gush gush*.

In their own words, Drink, Shop & Do are “a design shop and café bar selling products from emerging designers alongside vintage furniture and home wares”.

Everything in the cafe is for sale: “from designer crafts, vintage tea sets, 1950’s dressers and unusual tables and chairs, to hand-made cakes, ice creams, specialty teas, kitsch finger sandwiches, bottled beers and cocktails”.

Essentially, the cafe (bar by night) is wonderfully cute and, most importantly, completely authentic. The chairs, crockery and ornaments are all from a specific retro-y time period and almost every table comes complete with plastic pot-plant, Grandma-style lampshade and the obligatory battered board game. Jenga anyone?

The staff are helpful, friendly and just…look cool, you know? (Nice cool – not stand-offish) and once you finished eating your home-made cakes/retro sweets you can browse the mini-shop or have a meander down to the 1930s style gin bar (based in an old sex shop…oooh yeeeeah). Don’t be surprised if you bump into the odd sequined flapper girl. They’re supposed to be there. I think.

So aside from all this loveliness, once you’re at Drink, Shop & Do you can also entertain yourself with a bit of arts and crafts. DSaD offer workshops/events for hen parties/celebrations/general Saturday afternoons. These can include anything from a vintage pin-up hair and make-up session, to play with clay, 1920s hairbands, wine tasting and making cake pops etc, etc (many, many more etc’s…)

For more information, visit their website: It’s definitely worth it! 

Pictures taken from The Telegraph. You can read their review in full, here.