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Nice eh?

Now, I am no expert, but I am hugely appreciative of the effort ladies went to in the 1940s where their hair was concerned. I love it. Speaking from a (little bit) of experience, pinning and styling your hair in such a fashion is difficult and only last week at a 40s party, did my friends, family and I have quite the laugh teasing our locks into heated rollers attempting to create Rita Hayworth’s style of the scalp. (I’m not saying we got there, although I was pleased with our vaguely futile efforts…)

Above is a gallery of styles which I particularly admire. If you’re going to give it a go, this book (available on Amazon) is apparently wonderful. Although in my experience before you even begin to style, you will need:

  • hair grips/bobby pins/kirby grips
  • a HUGE can of hairspray
  • heated rollers
  • a curling tong 
  • a large, round brush (or similar)

You can also watch this video on Youtube for hints and tips on the infamous victory roll.