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It’s only day two of blogging and i’m already breaking all the rules…

This video isn’t *strictly* 1940s, although it does star Gene Kelly, who was just coming into his own during that era. No, this video is actually (gulp) from 1965 – although it’s probably about as far removed from Rock n’ Roll as it is possible to get.

It stars Julie Andrews and Mr Kelly himself, who sing and dance their way through ‘Just in time’ – a number which was originally published in 1956 and sung by the likes of Judy Garland, Dean Martin and Ella Fitzgerald, before it made its way to ‘The Julie Andrews Show’.

This particular version is my absolute favourite – most likely because it is performed by my two favourite stars of all time. (Watch out for Gene in particular, I have a feeling he’ll be appearing a lot on Back In’t Day!)