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After battling through the Oxford Street crowds this afternoon (whilst using a Sainsbury’s carrier bag to shelter from the rain), I realised how much I appreciate having a browse over the internet for gifts, goodies, bits and bobs.

Now, whilst I have an admiration for the 1940s lifestyle – including its distinct lack of gadgets – it would be hypocritical of me not to thank the internet for all it has done in aiding my passion and enthusiasm for bygone times.

Today I wanted to talk about Etsy. Have you heard of it?

Etsy is a website that sells literally…everything. I have put this bold statement to the test many times and the website has rarely failed to draw a blank. However, the reason I have decided to promote Etsy on my blog is due to the sheer array of vintage and antique clothing, ornaments and memorabilia it has to offer.

How does it work?

Etsy is, for lack of a better word, a marketplace for various buyers (and sellers). For example, if you type “vintage mirror” into the search box, all the results will appear from everyone who is selling such a product. Now, these items are often second-hand, antique or vintage or in some cases, vintage inspired, so they can be fairly pricey, BUT you can also find some real bargains on thereĀ along with some wonderfully unique, one-off bits which are impossible to seek out on the high street. One of the other aspects of Etsy which I love is the fact that many items are hand-made, so you’re getting real quality products which are lovingly crafted with you in mind.

Take a look…

These a just a couple of items I have quickly picked out, but honestly – the range of products is fantastic. Also, this website ships and sends all over the world, it isn’t UK-based at all. Often buying from abroad costs a little more, but from my experience everything I have ever bought from the US, Australia or Europe has arrived promptly and beautifully packaged.

(Please don’t blame me if you’re skint immediately after payday…)

Visit Etsy.com, here.