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Today, I have had a rare and rather wonderful day of nothingness. It’s surprisingly rare – especially when living in central London when there’s so much to do. 

Currently, I am waiting to begin a new press job, so until that exciting (and rather nerve-wracking) time arrives, I am happily killing the hours bumbling around my mini-flat. Today, i’ve been listening to some of my favourite music which (I know you all will be shocked to hear) dates back to the 1940s – and in some cases – before.

At the moment this song is a bit of a (not so) guilty pleasure: “The World Will Sing Again”, by Betty Driver. Betty – or ‘hotpot’ Betty as she is probably more commonly known to Corry fans – was an exceptionally famous singer throughout the 1940s and made her name as a big band performer, radio star and forces sweetheart. 

Try it – I think it’s cracking!